Tax laws are ever-changing, the Social Security program is in a financial mess, and employers are ditching pension plans which puts more responsibility on us to save for our retirement.  Due to these factors, being financially educated when it comes to Retirement Planning has never been as important as it is today.

This course is designed to give pre-retirees and retirees a very easy to understand and easy to follow along blueprint that will help you make the best financial decisions for you and your family.  This course will help you plan your retirement with absolute confidence whether your goal is to build up your retirement portfolio, protect your assets, or preserve your wealth so you can enjoy a stress free retirement.

In our Retirement Planning Bootcamp Class, you will learn about the many different ways to save for retirement and you will also learn many different ways to earn income during retirement.  You will also discover investment risk management strategies that you probably haven’t heard of before, how to save money on taxes, and how to protect your assets from long-term health care expenses.  You are also given a FREE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT including a Health Care Proxy just for registering.

Most importantly, this class will show you how to assess your current financial situation and develop your very own customized plan to help you stay on track to achieve your retirement goals.

Module 1 Life After Work
Section 1 Section 1 - Life After Work
Module 2 Retirement Planning Obstacles
Section 1 Section 2 - Retirement Planning Obstacles
Module 3 Inflation and Taxes
Section 1 Section 3 - Inflation and Taxes
Module 4 Income in Retirement
Section 1 Section 4 - Income in Retirement
Module 5 Retirement Plan Distributions
Section 1 Section 5 - Retirement Plan Distributions
Module 6 Investment Planning
Section 1 Section 6 - Investment Planning
Module 7 Risk Management Strategies
Section 1 Section 7 - Risk Management Strategies
Module 8 Social Security
Section 1 Section 8 - Social Security
Module 9 Last Will and Testament
Section 1 Section 9 - Last Will and Testament