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Is Now the Time to Invest in Gold???

By Tom Vilord Due to the unprecedented fear surrounding the Coronavirus, and the significant drop we have seen in the market as a result of Covid-19, many investors have been asking us
By : tomvilord | Mar 13, 2020

How I am Trading the Coronavirus (Video)

By Tom Vilord A lot of people have been asking me how we are investing in this crazy market right now. I posted this brief video called “How I am Trading the
By : tomvilord | Mar 13, 2020

What Does a Gallon of Milk Have to do With Investing in The Stock Market?

By: Tom Vilord My wife asked me to go the the store earlier this week to buy a gallon of milk, so Sammie and JJ can have their cereal in the morning.
By : tomvilord | Apr 15, 2019

Trading Indicators-Too Much Is Not a Good Thing

By: Tom Vilord There are literally hundreds of technical indicators out there and thousands of technical indicators combinations that can be used. But the problem lies on the premise. Since there are
By : tomvilord | Apr 10, 2019

Option Trading-Tips for Beginners By: Tom Vilord

Trading, in general, is a highly technical field that does not only require would-be participants to have some understanding on what a particular trade is or how it works but also in-depth
By : tomvilord | Apr 5, 2019

VIDEO: Investment Checklist Tip #12 – Can the Business Pay their Obligations

    When we invest in a business, we need to make sure they can pay their bills…both short term and long-term obligations.   Every business has a slump at some point
By : wallstreetvalue | Jan 30, 2018

Live 16-Week Stock Investing and Options Trading Course Agenda

Session One:  Intro to Value Investing   Session Two: Developing your Investment Niche Finding Investment Ideas Copying the Pros Tracking the Insiders Free Resources to find ideas Exercise – Find 2 A
By : wallstreetvalue | Jan 24, 2018

VIDEO: The Investment Checklist Tip #11 – Return on Capital

Return on Capital aka Return on Invested Capital (ROC or ROIC) is the Rate of Return a business earns on investor (stockholders or bondholders) money that they are investing.   This is
By : wallstreetvalue | Jan 17, 2018

VIDEO: Investment Checklist Tip #10 – Earnings Yield

Investment Checklist Tip #10 – The Earnings Yield   In today’s video, we talk about one of the two metrics that Joel Greenblatt uses to find stocks for his hedge funds at
By : wallstreetvalue | Jan 12, 2018

VIDEO: Investment Checklist Tip #9 – The PEG Ratio

Investment Checklist Tip # 9 – The PEG Ratio   The PEG Ratio is a a great tool to quickly see where a stock may be valued at any point in time. 
By : wallstreetvalue | Jan 8, 2018
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